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Dr. Nelson Clements Testimonials in Valdosta, GA

“I’ve had this pain in my check bones and at night I would grit my teeth. I would have to pry my jaw open in the mornings. So I am just thrilled to find a dentist locally that can actually help me. I have a smile now, and you can actually see teeth. I am so thrilled with this man. Dr. Clements is just so sweet; he made me feel so comfortable. I have always been a little bit afraid of the dentist. They gave me a blanket and everyone in the office is so nice. I am just so thrilled with this. I don’t have any pain anymore. I smile all the time! I look in the mirror and it is a totally different person. I had no idea this kind of work was being done here. I want to tell everybody, if you want a beautiful smile, go to Dr. Clements.” – M.T.

“A patient cannot find better dental care complete with customer service and concern than from Dr. Clements and his team. They truly live their motto of “Exceptional Dentistry.” Words can never express my gratitude for all they have done for me.” -A.H.

“I am so pleased with my ‘new’ teeth!! I’ve had quite a few folks remark how nice my smile is … (I give Doc Clements and staff all the credit.)” -W.M.

“I had a wonderful experience. It had been several years since my last dental appointment because of lack of service and bedside manner. I felt very much at ease and taken care of. Thanks for making a trip to the dentist pleasant again.” – S.M.

“Your practice is the first to make getting my teeth cleaned a pleasure. How many people actually look forward to going to the dentist.” – L . M.

“It was a very good experience. I was a little bit nervous, but they made me very comfortable.” – F.H.

“Dr. Clements is just a lot of fun. When you go in there, everybody is so friendly. He comes in and he is full of joy. He always has a big smile on his face. He makes you feel so comfortable and you are not scared when you go in there. In the last 3 years since I’ve had the full mouth reconstruction, it’s made a world of difference. When I eat, I don’t have any pain. I can eat just about anything I want to eat. My teeth don’t hurt; I don’t have the sensitivity. For me, that has been a big thing because I always had good teeth. After the age of 40, my teeth started to shift and things began to change. It has been wonderful to have this done. For me – it has made me look younger. That is the other thing a lot of people have said. I will have my 50th birthday next month and people say it has taken 10-15 years off my looks.” – G.V.

“The entire staff is positive, supportive, and professional.” – M.F.