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As a new patient, we want you to be 100% confident in us.

Why Dr. Clements could be the right dentist for you

Dr. Clements began practicing as a Valdosta dentist in 1980 after graduating from the Medical College of Georgia. Although many people think Dr. Clements is a specialist, he practices General Dentistry. In 1996, Dr. Clements began the formal study of cosmetic dentistry with the nation’s top 2 cosmetic dentists. Those studies led to Dr. Clements joining the faculty of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) in 2000. The owner of LVI recognized his exceptional hand skills and rare artistic eye. Dr. Clements was a Senior Clinical Instructor at LVI for six years. Dr. Clements continues to teach dentists from around the country and the world techniques for cosmetic dentistry and bite reconstruction in live patient care courses. Dr. Clements has advanced knowledge and expertise in cosmetic dentistry and the treatment of bite disease (TMJ) which make us three different offices all in one facility.
Please call (229) 242-5511 and click here for a map to our office. We’d love to visit with you in person.

Dr. Clements specializes in General, Aesthetic, and Functional Dentistry

General Dentistry

The services that a patient should expect to receive from any general dentist will include fillings, dental crowns, cleanings, and emergency dentistry. Our general dental exam evaluates your teeth for decay and failing dental restorations. Clinically, we examine your mouth and face for any abnormalities such as cysts or tumors. With x-rays, we check for abscesses, impacted teeth, and bone health. Any problems with gum disease are noted in this exam as well.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves smile makeovers on the teeth that show when you smile. A smile makeover can make you look 10 years younger and can greatly boost your self-esteem. Aesthetic dentistry includes cosmetic improvement for your back teeth as well. Dr. Clements is a nationally acknowledged expert in this aspect of dentistry.
Dentists from our area and across the Southeast come to him for their smile makeovers. Dentists know that smile makeovers and back-tooth aesthetics need to be carefully planned for the type of material involved, the number of teeth involved, as well as the final color and shape of the teeth. That’s why they trust Dr. Clements for their own dental needs.

Functional Dentistry

Functional dentistry deals with bite problems, TMJ, and pain. When we perform functional dentistry, we are improving a patient’s bite, improving the way the muscles and joints work together to bring the teeth together. We routinely expect to relieve most pain above the collarbone including headaches and neck pain. Permanent bite treatment frequently includes aesthetic enhancement. Bite problems and relieving TMJ symptoms are among the most difficult problems to correct in dentistry. Dr. Clements is considered one of the best clinicians available with his neuromuscular approach to these procedures.

About Your First Appointment

Your time is valuable, we totally understand. To expedite registration and save time at your first visit, please print and complete the forms in the sections that most apply to your needs. Bring the completed forms with you for your first appointment. If you experience problems with these files, please call (229) 242-5511 or email and we will gladly mail, email, or fax them to you.


Plan for your first visit to last approximately one to one-and-a-half hours. After updating your records with new X-rays and intraoral images, Dr. Clements will comprehensively examine your entire oral cavity, including teeth, gums and soft tissues, and occlusion. He’ll also inspect your face and neck, then assess your mouth for signs of oral cancer. After the exam, the dentist will share his findings and explain recommendations. If you have questions about any part of your treatment plan, from procedures to financing to scheduling, don’t hesitate to ask. We want your entire experience to leave you with peace of mind and a good plan for optimal oral health.

For over 30 years, Dr. Clements has provided quality general and cosmetic dentistry to patients from Valdosta, Lakeland, Tifton, Adel, and surrounding areas. Call (229) 242-5511 or email our Valdosta dental office today to reserve your personal consultation or preventive checkup with Dr. Clements. We’ll treat you like family and give you an unforgettable smile.