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Implant Dentures Valdosta

If you are looking for an easy way to replace loose or uncomfortable dentures, then implant dentures or implant bridges may be the right choice for you. Implant dentures allow us to give you a fully functional set of teeth that is both highly durable and very attractive. This is also an ideal solution if you are having to lose your natural teeth but don’t want to get traditional dentures. Enjoy all your favorite foods as well as an attractive smile for years, even decades to come.

To learn whether you are a candidate for implant dentures in Valdosta, GA, please call

(229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.

Benefits of Implant Dentures

Our implant dentures offer all the benefits of dental implants and then some. They utilize some of the most advanced materials around to construct a restoration that is sturdy and attractive. Some of the benefits include:

Image of implant dentures

An implant denture

  • Excellent function
  • Attractive appearance
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Stain resistance
  • Stays cleaner
  • Hypoallergenic

Let’s face it: the main reason why you want to get a restoration with implants rather than with traditional unanchored dentures is because you want to get optimal function from your new teeth. They can do that for you. They will be secured with dental implants and can function just like natural teeth.

And they’ll look like natural teeth, too. The teeth are made of an advanced ceramic, zirconia, which better mimics the surface luster of natural teeth than acrylic teeth. And because they don’t need a metal substructure, there’s no metal to show through. You may have heard that zirconia isn’t as attractive as other ceramics used in cosmetic dentistry. But this formulation is amazing, a very attractive and very strong ceramic for use in implant dentures.

The high strength makes them very durable. They are resistant to chipping and cracking, so they’re less likely to need repairs in the near future and more likely to last a lifetime.

Because they are secured with dental implants that are anchored in the bone, they are very stable against all chewing and bite forces.

These implant dentures are made entirely of ceramic, so they are highly resistant to staining. The glaze on the bridge sheds staining compounds found in coffee, tea, wine, and other beverages. The smooth glaze also makes it hard for plaque to stick to the bridge, so they stay cleaner and are easier to clean by you.

And because they are made of a fully biocompatible ceramic, there’s no risk of allergic response as there sometimes is with plastics.

What Makes Our Implant Dentures Different

Our implant dentures are different because they are full-arch tooth replacements that are made entirely of zirconia ceramic. That’s right, a bridge can be made to replace an entire arch of teeth without a single bit of metal, other than the implants and the screws.

This is possible because the zirconia ceramic used in the bridges is very strong–stronger even than the titanium in dental implants. It’s capable of withstanding forces up to about 238,000 pounds per square inch (psi). That’s nearly three times as strong as materials used in some other denture teeth that promote high durability.

The zirconia ceramic is also designed to have a high translucency like natural teeth, unlike some older formulations of zirconia that can look dull, flat, and unattractive.

Our implant dentures are also designed to go in as a full tooth replacement, so you save time with procedures. You will require a procedure to place the implants, some follow-up visits for typical care, and then a procedure to place your final bridge, and that’s all.

Overall, the material advances behind implant dentures make them a great choice for most people looking for more attractive, more functional tooth replacements than their current dentures. In Valdosta, GA, please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with Dr. Nelson Clements to learn whether they’re right for you.