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Dentures in Valdosta, GA

A patient of Dr. Clements who recieved FOY Dentures in Valdosta, Georgia Losing your teeth can feel like an ending, but it doesn’t have to be. Quality dentures can help you continue to enjoy a healthy, active life with an attractive smile. Dr. Nelson Clements is happy to offer a full range of dentures so that everyone can get the best dentures for their needs. We offer traditional full and partial dentures, implant dentures, and The Denture Fountain of Youth®.

Not sure which is the best type of denture for you? To learn more about your options in Valdosta, GA, please call (229) 242-5511 or email today for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.

Benefits of Dentures

If you have lost some or all of your teeth, replacing them with dentures will help you:

  • Maintain an attractive appearance
  • Eat a wider variety of foods
  • Stay social, active, and healthy
  • Speak clearly

Specific types have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of The Denture Fountain of Youth®

If you are looking for the highest quality dentures, then you are looking for The Denture Fountain of Youth® (Also known as FOY® Dentures). Whether it’s your first set or your fifteenth, you’ll appreciate the benefits they offer, including:

  • Better fit
  • No painful pinch points on your gums
  • More comfortable position for jaw joints and muscles
  • More natural proportions for clearer speaking
  • Beautiful, natural appearance
  • More youthful facial appearance

And when you combine FOY® Dentures with dental implants, you get even more benefits, including:

  • Natural biting and chewing motions
  • No worry that they will come loose when eating, talking, or laughing
  • Less interference with natural functions like tasting and talking
  • No need to remove at night

They are designed with an entirely different perspective, setting them far apart from the traditional counterpart you may have tried or seen others wear.

Improving the Denture Fit

FOY® Dentures are a remarkable advancement in the way they are fitted. Economy dentures are fitted just to your gums with a simple impression while the traditional ones are fitted to your mouth using long-established fitting procedures. But FOY® Dentures are fitted to your entire jaw and face using neuromuscular dentistry.

Neuromuscular dentistry helps establish the proper proportions for your dentures based on the size of your jaw muscles and the optimal position of your jaw. This helps them fit better, and eliminates painful pinch points under them, which aren’t just uncomfortable, they can accelerate facial aging. This natural position also helps your jaw feel normal when its functioning, including eating and talking, which can help improve their overall function.

What Makes The Denture Fountain of Youth® So Beautiful

FOY® Dentures stand out from traditional ones when you compare them side by side. Economy dentures and many traditional ones come with a set of standard teeth. They look generic, and they have a flat appearance that looks either unnatural or very worn down. The teeth are often plastic. Sometimes, you may have the option of choosing between a few different styles of teeth on the dentures.

Valdosta, GA FOY ® DenturesBut with FOY® Dentures, the teeth are fully customizable. Your teeth can be designed to match your youthful smile, or they can be the smile you’ve always dreamt of but never thought possible. They can have tiny flaws that give your smile personality, or they can be “Hollywood” perfect. It’s your choice. And the teeth are made of ceramic material, similar to the material used for porcelain veneers, so they’re beautifully natural–and very durable.

With economy and traditional dentures, the base is typically a flat plastic. It’s basically colored similar to natural gum tissue, but no one will mistake it for your true gums.

But with FOY® Dentures, the gums are created with the latest aesthetic techniques to make them look very natural. There is a complex layering effect that helps them look like natural gum tissue, as well as inclusion that mimic the blood vessels in natural gums.

Most dentures can pass for natural teeth if seen from a distance, but with FOY® Dentures, your teeth will look natural even if you get up close and personal.

How FOY® Dentures Can Rejuvenate Your Face

Your teeth and jaws support the lower third of your face. That’s why much of what we think of as facial aging in the lower face is related to the wear and loss of teeth and bones. As the size of your teeth and jaws shrinks, you end up with muscles, fat, and skin that are unsupported and has to go somewhere. It begins to hang down, either as jowls or “turkey neck.” It begins to fold up, creating deep lines and wrinkles. And it can even begin to sink in around your mouth with traditional dentures.

But FOY® Dentures use neuromuscular dentistry to discover the optimal proportions for your face, restoring it to your youthful proportions. This can reduce or eliminate your jowls, turkey neck, and many of the facial folds and wrinkles around your mouth. The effects can even be seen around your eyes, because muscles around your eyes have to work harder to create a smile when your dentures don’t fit right, which causes deeper wrinkles around the eye.

Valdosta FOY ® DenturesThis gives you more natural rejuvenation than you would get with a facelift. In a facelift, plastic surgeons treat your natural skin as if it’s “excess.” So they cut it away and stretch what’s left over your current face and bone structure. It’s no wonder that the result of a facelift can look tight, distorted, or windblown. And it often won’t even look like you, because they’re trying to pretend that your bones and teeth haven’t changed, when they have. Not to mention that a surgical facelift comes with painful surgery and weeks of recovery during which your face is bruised, swollen, and potentially nonfunctional. You may end up hiding for weeks after a facelift. But with FOY ® Dentures there’s no surgery and no recovery.

Dental Implants: the Perfecting Touch

And if you want to get the maximum benefit from your FOY ® Dentures, you can secure them with dental implants. Dental implants anchor in your jawbone, so they’re just like natural teeth. They won’t just look like natural teeth. They will function like natural teeth. You can bite, chew, and speak normally. You can even have them anchored so that you never have to take them out or leave them soaking in a glass–just brush and floss normally.

We also offer Prettau bridges, which are fully supported by dental implants. These bridges are made completely of zirconia, an attractive ceramic that can be even stronger than the titanium dental implants. This makes them highly durable: they are resistant to chipping, cracking, and wear for years of beautiful service. With their attractive zirconia formulation, they provide a very natural-looking restoration.

To learn more about The Denture Fountain of Youth® in Valdosta, GA, please call (229) 242-5511 or email today for an appointment with Dr. Nelson Clements.