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Prettau Implant Dentures: Beautiful, Functional, Durable

In the past, there were no good options for replacing all your teeth. Dentures were made of plastic or rubber, with teeth that were either plastic or ceramic. They could sometimes be attractive, but usually they weren’t. And even if they were attractive, they rarely fit well. They slipped, clicked, and sometimes even fell out of your mouth when talking or eating. Your diet was limited to soft foods or foods you could cut into small pieces and chew forever. And dentures had to be handled with care: if dropped they were likely to break. Sometimes they even broke in your mouth.

But dentures like that are a thing of the past. Now we can offer beautiful, functional, and durable dentures like Prettau implant dentures. With these dentures, your replacements will be as good as (and sometimes better than) your natural teeth ever were.

A Beautiful Smile

Let’s be honest: as much as anything you use your teeth to help present an attractive self to the people around you. This is one of the essential functions of your teeth. And any denture that doesn’t do this isn’t fully replacing your teeth.

But that’s not a concern with Prettau implant dentures. These dentures are designed with the latest understanding of what makes an attractive smile. The teeth are proportionate and natural in their shapes. The material used for the denture allows the teeth to have a translucence similar to healthy natural teeth.

The base of the denture is also designed to look natural. The coloration matches healthy gum tissue, and varies to give the impression of translucent gum tissue showing the tooth roots in places.

Fully Functional Teeth

With traditional dentures, you have to make many compromises. But with Prettau implant dentures, you don’t have to compromise. These implant dentures aren’t loose like traditional dentures. They’re attached to your bone, which makes them capable of chewing with essentially the same force as your natural teeth.

Sometimes, Prettau implant dentures are called “implant bridges.” A denture that’s attached in your mouth–whether to natural teeth or to dental implants–is often called a bridge. It also helps distinguish them from traditional dentures. But whether you call it a denture or a bridge, it’s the same restoration: a full replacement for your lost teeth.

The Strongest Materials Available

Prettau implant dentures are made out of the strongest materials used in modern dentistry. The zirconia in the bridge itself can withstand forces of up to 238,000 pounds per square inch! And the titanium in the implants is capable of withstanding nearly as much.

This makes Prettau implant dentures highly durable. You won’t have to worry about chipping them as you eat or talk. Foods won’t wear them down, and you can even bite into crunchy foods without worry. These are dentures designed for life.

Are You Ready for Better Dentures?

Do you currently have dentures and you’re tired of their shortcomings? Or do you just never want to deal with the hassle of traditional dentures? Either way, we can help you get quality dentures that are beautiful, functional, and durable: Prettau implant dentures.

To learn more about this exciting new option for dentures in Valdosta, GA, please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with denture dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.

March 15th, 2017|Dental Implants, Dentures|