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Mismatched Restorations Making Your Smile a Mess? A Full Mouth Solution Can Help

The normal approach to dental problems is to deal with them individually as they come up. If a cavity develops, you get a filling. If you chip a tooth, you might get a porcelain veneer. For bigger cavities or tooth damage, a dental crown might be the best choice. And if your teeth are stained, you might get teeth whitening.

All of these restorations might look good individually or get great results, but when you put them all together, the effect may not be as good. They may not match. And they may not be comfortable. If this is your situation, maybe you need a full mouth solution to ensure an attractive smile and a healthy bite.

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Why Restorations Might Not Match Over Time

If you’ve been getting restorative dentistry over the years, it’s quite likely that they just won’t match.

For one thing, materials change. If you started years ago, you probably have some metal amalgam or maybe gold fillings and crowns. These will stand out in your bite and can make your teeth look unhealthy.

But even tooth-colored fillings may not match each other. They can be made of many different types of materials, too. Some of these fillings are composite (plastic with ceramic inclusions for hardness), while others are ceramic. And the ceramics have changed, too. Some were porcelain like dinner plates. Others were a different form of plastic. New porcelain crowns and veneers are made of advanced ceramics like lithium disilicate or zirconia–the same material that Prettau bridges are made from. These might not all look quite right together.

And then there’s the problem of staining. Some restorations are likely to stain. These ones can become discolored and unattractive. Other restorations don’t stain–unlike your teeth. If you got your restorations over the years, each one might have matched your teeth at the time, but maybe they don’t match anymore.

And teeth whitening is unlikely to affect your restorations. They will either stain or not, but may not match the shade of your teeth after whitening.

Individual Treatments May Impact Your Bite

Another problem with individual cosmetic or restorative treatments is that they may not be designed to foster a healthy bite. Especially if you’ve been working with a variety of dentists over the years who weren’t trained in neuromuscular dentistry, some of these restorations may have led to an imbalance in your bite. This can lead to conditions like TMJ, which causes chronic pain and other disruptive symptoms.

Treat Your Entire Smile

The key to achieving a unified appearance and a balanced bite is a unified approach to treatment. We will look at your smile as a single whole and treat it holistically. The result will be a uniformly attractive smile. We’ll make sure that all the restorations match each other and match your natural teeth.

At the same time, we will also look at the state of your bite. We’ll do detailed measurements of your bite force using our advanced technology to ensure that all teeth are bearing the same bite force and are fostering a healthy position and function of your jaw joints.

If you are unhappy with the results of piecework dentistry, we can help. Please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Nelson Clements in Valdosta, GA.