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Jamie Foxx Broke a Porcelain Veneer on the Set of His New Movie

Recently, Jamie Foxx and his costar Michelle Monaghan were talking to about his movie Sleepless, which debuted January 13. In this cop thriller–which Foxx fliply describes as “like falling into a episode of Kojak”–Monaghan and Foxx face off in one scene that got out of control, resulting in a broken porcelain veneer for Foxx.

Adrenaline Takes Control

When shooting one of the scenes, Monaghan confessed, she got a little too excited. She had been taking martial arts training for months, but they had only blocked out the scene a couple of days before, and she wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing. So she hit Foxx in the face, hard.

Foxx felt it, of course, but Monaghan said he was a professional and wanted to keep the scene rolling. So he encouraged her to to keep going.

A picture of Jamie Foxx

She saw she’d split her knuckle and saw his broken tooth. She was apologetic, but Foxx had a chill attitude about it.

He joked with the interviewer, “I don’t know who here is into porcelain, but like, I live that porcelain life. And you can taste that little chalk you know–like mmmm.” He also joked that his teeth are all “for show,” and that he takes them off at night.

A Quick Repair

The next day, Monaghan said she was feeling very bad about the mishap, but then she saw on the set that Foxx’s teeth were perfect again. Foxx explained that he was able to get a repair so quickly because his best friend is a dentist who lives in Atlanta where they were shooting. Foxx said, “So I hit him up and I said, yo’ money, you gotta put the plaster on. Spackle.”

Probably, Foxx received a repair with dental bonding. Dental bonding is a quick treatment that can be completed in a single visit. It can be used to repair teeth and restorations as an emergency procedure. It’s not highly durable, but it can be very attractive when properly placed, cured, and polished.

Do You Want to Live the Porcelain Life?

Jamie Foxx is rightfully very happy with the appearance of his smile, although it’s possible he might benefit from more durable restorations. Based on his comment about the chalky taste related to his broken veneer, Foxx could have porcelain veneers that are truly made of feldspathic porcelain, similar to what is used in dishes and china dolls.

This can be very attractive, but people who want more durable restorations have many options these days. Most porcelain veneers these days are actually made from advanced ceramics that are as attractive as porcelain, but much, much stronger.

We even offer full implant bridges that are completely made of zirconia. These Prenttu bridges are ten times stronger than porcelain, and as strong as the titanium that makes up dental implants.

Would you like to learn more about the porcelain life? Please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with Valdosta, GA cosmetic dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.