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Don’t Let These 5 Misconceptions Keep You from Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available. They look like natural teeth. Function like natural teeth. Are easy to care for like natural teeth. And perhaps best of all: almost everyone is a candidate for getting dental implants.

Unfortunately, some people think they can’t get dental implants. Often this is based on one of these common misconceptions. Don’t let them keep you from getting dental implants.

Older woman smiling with white teeth

I’m Too Old

Many people think that if you’re too old, you can’t get dental implants. This isn’t true. Studies show that elderly people (over the age of 80) have just as high success rates for dental implants as younger adults. Individual case studies have covered people as old as 95, showing that they can have great results from dental implants.

Age is not inherently a barrier to getting dental implants. As long as you’re healthy enough for surgery, you can get dental implants.

I’ve Been Wearing Dentures Too Long

Many people believe that you have to get dental implants placed right when you have your teeth removed. There are some benefits to doing it this way, but it’s not required.

Wearing dentures can make it harder to get your dental implants–the longer you wear dentures, the less bone you’re likely to have in your jawbone to support implants.

But there are ways around this issue. Bone grafts can build up the bone, and specially designed implants and implant dentures can give great results even if you have limited bone.

In fact, dental implants can come to the rescue if you’ve lost too much bone to wear dentures.

I Have Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common condition among women and men as we get older. Bone density can diminish with age, hormonal changes, and especially disuse. But osteoporosis isn’t usually a barrier to getting dental implants. It’s very unlikely that you have lost too much bone density to support dental implants.

A greater concern is the osteoporosis medication known as bisphosphonates, which can increase the risk of certain complications. But unless you’re getting IV bisphosphonates, the risk is very small.

I Have Diabetes

Like osteoporosis, many people with diabetes think they can’t get dental implants, but it’s just not true. Diabetes can increase your risk of gum disease, which can affect dental implants as it affects natural teeth. But studies have shown that people with diabetes can have a high success rate with dental implants–even if their blood sugar is not well controlled.

Dental Implants Are Too Expensive

As with every new technology, dental implants used to be very expensive. However, as technology and techniques have improved, the cost has come down. If you looked into dental implants in the past but thought you couldn’t afford them, now’s a good time to take another look.

And, remember, financing is available to make it even easier to fit dental implants into your budget.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you’re considering dental implants, there’s only one way to know for sure if they can help you: talk to a dentist. To learn whether you can get dental implants in Valdosta, GA, please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.

August 17th, 2017|Dental Implants|