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Dental Implants Are the Best Choice for Healthy Living as You Age

There are many benefits to dental implants. You might be drawn to them because they are very attractive and can look just like your natural teeth. Maybe you like that you won’t have a removable denture to take out and clean.

But probably the best benefits of dental implants relate to the fact that they can help you enjoy a healthier life as you get older. Because dental implants can last a lifetime (upward of 30 years verified by research, with anecdotal accounts of up to 50 years), you can enjoy these benefits for a long time.

Dental Implants Preserve Your Food Choices

Your diet is an important foundation for long-term health, but not all tooth replacement options allow you to eat a full and varied diet. Dentures aren’t well fixed in your mouth, which can make it hard to chew some foods. And if you just choose not to replace your teeth, your chewing efficiency is decreased, too.

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Unfortunately, many of the best foods are the ones likely to get eliminated from your diet first. Raw fruits and vegetables can be a big challenge for denture wearers or people with failing and missing teeth. Many meats, too, can be cut from the menu when you have dentures or missing teeth. Instead, you rely more on processed foods that can be nutrient poor but high in fats, salt, and sugar, leading to weight gain or nutrient deficiencies.

But with dental implants, you will be able to keep eating all your favorite foods and maintain a healthy balance of nutrition.

Dental Implants Don’t Damage Natural Teeth

One problem with tooth loss is that losing one tooth can lead to the loss of more teeth. That’s especially true if you don’t replace a missing tooth, but it can also be true even if you do. Some tooth replacement options rely on your natural teeth for support.

With partial dentures, the denture wraps around your natural teeth for support, usually using a metal hook or clasp. This can lead to wear on the supporting teeth, as well as accumulations of bacterial plaque and food debris, causing decay in the area.

Dental bridges are made by preparing your teeth to receive dental crowns that support the artificial tooth. This can put extra stress on the tooth and can lead to loss.

But dental implants support themselves, so they won’t damage or wear out your natural teeth.

Dental Implants Help Maintain an Active Lifestyle

It can be a challenge to maintain an active lifestyle as we get older, and dentures can be part of the problem. That’s because they aren’t anchored firmly enough to help your jaws perform their vital role of support during physical activity.

You might not think your dentures impact your ability to walk, jog, or run, but they do. People with poorly fitting dentures walk more slowly and are more likely to fall. People who don’t wear dentures are more likely to be homebound as they get older.

And although good dentures can help, dental implants do an even better job of facilitating the neuromuscular function of your jaw. The best combination is with neuromuscular dentures like FOY ® Dentures and dental implants.

Implants Help You Stay Social

Dental implants are very functional, but the appearance aspect should not be neglected. Having more attractive restorations can make you less apprehensive and more confident in social situations. And knowing your dentures are secure and won’t fly out when you talk can also That way, you’ll have better experiences and go out more often.

Staying social helps you live a better life as you get older. You’ll have a better support system, you’ll maintain sharper mental faculties.

A Better Life

Dental implants aren’t just better at replacing your teeth, they’re better at helping you live a richer, fuller life as you get older. A choice for dental implants isn’t just for today, it’s for all the tomorrows to come. And if you want those days to be better, then dental implants are the right choice for you.

To learn more about getting dental implants in Valdosta, GA, and surrounding areas, please call (229) 242-5511 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Nelson Clements.

October 12th, 2016|Dental Implants|