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Valdosta Dentist Dr. Nelson Clements

Valdosta Dentist Dr. Nelson ClementsValdosta dentist Dr. Nelson Clements was about 20 years into his dental practice when he decided to radically reinvent his practice with one guiding principle: the patient should be at the center of his practice. He realized, as many of us have realized, that healthcare was coming to center more and more on insurance companies, which sometimes led to the marginalization of the patient.

Dr. Clements refocused his practice on the patient, which meant providing the quality of dental care that would truly be best for each patient. It also meant ensuring that his dental care harmoniously promoted the health of the whole mouth and the whole body.

To help him achieve the high level of quality care he wanted to deliver, Dr. Clements has selected a highly professional staff of elite support personnel, all dedicated to the same ideals of patient-centered care and overall excellence. He has also ensure that both he and his staff have continued to remain educated so that our practice is at the leading edge of dentistry.

Dr. Nelson Clements’ Dentist Biography

Valdosta dentist Dr. Nelson Clements received his doctor of medicine in dentistry (DMD) from the Medical College of Georgia in 1980. He had no doubt about where he wanted to practice dentistry, and set up in Valdosta, GA shortly thereafter, and ever since he has continued helping patients across Lowndes County and beyond.

Dr. Clements is dedicated to the craft and science of dentistry, and he is constantly striving to learn about new developments in dental care. In addition to studying at many of the most prestigious postgraduate dental institutions in the world, Dr. Clements has taught cosmetic dentistry, occlusion, and sleep apnea treatment at the Las Vegas Institute, the Center for Exceptional Practices, and elsewhere to dentists from around the country and around the world. In February 2017, Dr. Clements was recognized as a Diplomate in the American Sleep & Breathing Academy because of his experience and knowledge in Dental Sleep Medicine.

A Convert to Neuromuscular Dentistry

Like many dentists, Valdosta dentist Dr. Nelson was taught in dental school that neuromuscular dentistry doesn’t work. However, a personal crisis demonstrated him in the most graphic way possible that neuromuscular dentistry changes lives.

At the age of 47, Dr. Clements’ left hand and arm went completely numb. Doctors told him that the cause of his numbness was three herniated discs in his neck. Not only did they tell him he needed a spinal fusion procedure, they told him it was likely the procedure wouldn’t restore full function to his arm and he needed to face the possibility of giving up the dentistry that was his talent and his passion.

With few good alternatives, Dr. Clements decided to finally listen to his colleagues that recommended neuromuscular dentistry. With no surgery, Dr. Clements experienced the full recovery of sensation in his arm. Since then, Dr. Clements himself has treated hundreds of patients with neuromuscular dentistry, and nearly every patient has experienced complete relief from their symptoms.

If you would like to learn more about what sets Valdosta dentist Dr. Clements apart from other dentists in the area, please call (229) 242-5511 or email today for an appointment.